What if you only had to putt 30 times or less per round?

Is your putting destroying the rest of your game?

Putting accounts for 43% of the average golfer’s score. What if you could improve that by 10%?


Join Sports Vision Specialist, Dr. Steve Kaluzne, and PGA Professional, Rodney Morrow to learn strategies for improving your visual and mental game on the putting green.

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016: POSTPONED until 1/17
Time: Check back regularly for new dates and times
Location: Hawthorne INN & Conference Center – Winston-Salem
Cost: $90

This unique seminar will help you to improve your game by:

  • Developing a simple, repeatable, fundamentally sound stroke.
  • Improving your vision alignment.
  • Better controlling your mental and visual focus.
  • Developing better distance control (feel).
  • Helping you to read the greens better.
  • Providing you with stress management techniques.

This clinic runs slightly over two hours in length.